Nokomis Beach Coffee  |  Minneapolis, MN
Nokomis Beach Coffee  |  Minneapolis, MN


"LOVE the Nokomis Beach Coffee Shop! The service is GREAT. The people who work there are genuinely nice and the cappuccinos are divine! Love seeing all of my neighbors over there too. Great hang out place." -Solveig C.

"We love Nokomis Beach Coffee! Very cozy, friendly place. In addition to the coffee items, they have some tasty sandwiches, soups and salads, and great ice cream as well." - Carrie L.

"Cozy, free wifi, good coffee and free Christmas tree delivery. That's what a great neighborhood coffee joint us all about!" - John B.

"I'm happy to report that this little joint is pretty awesome.
I ordered a turkey sandwich on some delicious ciabatta bread (presumably from A Baker's Wife).  They have a nice selection of fixings for the sandwiches.  I also got a bowl of the bean and bacon soup. It was large and filling, but I still had room for the rather good soup.  I washed it down with a very refreshing glass of iced tea.
I found the atmosphere here to be really chill and relaxing, and read the newspaper while eating.  The staff was very friendly, and I found the people there tried to make sure you were satisfied.

I would certainly recommend this neat spot for lunch or a drink if you are nearby or perhaps spending the afternoon on the lakes." - Nazgul W.

"Great little coffee place that serves really good coffee and pastries.  I have yet to order any sandwiches or other food menu items but I've heard they are good.  This is a nice little place located close to the lake and has a number of outdoor tables and areas to sit.  Great place to grab a coffee and quick bite to eat or something to sip on while walking around the lake." - Jordan H.

"They had a lot of homemade things and it was all delicious. I got the "half" sandwich and soup deal which ended up being pretty dang gigantic.
Anyway, it was a great sandwich on crusty focaccia bread with avocado, cheese, and some kind of dill spread. It's one of those choose one item from all three columns type of deal. It turned out great and with a tasty little bowl of minestrone, I was full and happy." - Alison C.

"What a cute little spot! Nice and airy with an attached gift/florist store, it's a great neighborhood spot. With reasonable prices and free wifi, I just might need to add Nokomis Beach Coffee to my workday cafe tour." - Sarah P.

"Came in for a quick cup of coffee to start the day and it was a nice little cafe.  They had a terrific patio area to sit on that wraps around the building if you can find an open seat. Also, it is very close to the lake so it is a good place to stop in and grab a cup 'o joe and cruise the lake on a nice morning."
- Nathan L.

"My girlfriend and I stopped by this place during a bike ride around the lake and we really liked this place. They have a nice patio and the atmosphere is very comfy. I ordered a 2 scoop mint chocolate chip waffle cone it was really good. My girlfriend ordered the cookie dough 2 scoop waffle cone and she liked her's too. This was a great stop for us and we will be back!" - Justin M.

"Best coffee in south Minneapolis, been going there almost daily for years. Good strong coffee, great soups and sandwiches. Lots of baked goods from the Bakers wife on the weekends. Great atmosphere. Great owners. Great Staff." - Bryan B.

"A nice, friendly independent neighborhood coffee close enough to Lake Nokomis to draw in people enjoying the bike and walking trails. It's especially nice to sit on the sidewalk and enjoy a nice day." - Rich B.

"My old neighborhood coffee house.  Nice people, great tables outside in the summer and their coffee is yummy and strong...if you live in South Minneapolis, check it out for sure." - Heidi S.

"Always awesome. I have had some of the best tasting soup, sandwiches or pastries here. If anyone is looking for a location that truly takes care of their customers this is the location ... and their coffee is always good!" - Gene W.

"Great neighborhood coffee shop.  Very good soups and sandwiches and a great outdoor seating area.  Christmas trees in December.  Definitely check it out.  Free WiFi!" - Conal G.

"Great, cozy coffee shop! Went here for soup and a sandwich and was very impressed. The soup options (three of them) were all great and the the wild rice soup that I ordered was delicious. The half sandwich (vegetarian) was equally good. I'd happily go back there!" - Carrie H.


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Nokomis Beach Coffee Shop and Cafe is located on the corner of 28th Avenue South and 50th Street in South Minneapolis, MN in the Nokomis East neighborhood. We serve everything fresh from coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot cocoa, steamers, chai tea, and mocha, to fruit smoothies, coffee beans, and other hot and cold drinks. We also have soup, sandwiches, fresh baked bread, oatmeal, waffles, ice cream, shakes, pastries, salads, wraps and more! Outdoor seating is available and feel free to bring your dog and sit on the patio.